Get Badass Like The Expendables With These Exercises.

It seems like to me like the badass kick-butt look of the movie stars of the 80’s is coming back!  Recently I just saw the Movie “The Expendables” and It was fueled with guns, blood, choppers, explosions and muscle.

The cast is considered the toughest ever assembled, with name like Stallone, Lundgren, Randy Courture, Steve Austin, Li and Jason Statham.  Who the hell would argue?

It’s pretty obvious that these guys held nothing back with getting in shape for the movie.  I was highly impressed by the level of conditioning by everyone on the cast, especially since these guys are maturing.  Knowing that I can guarantee these guys didn’t mess around in the gym doing silly and fancy exercises for their arms.  They focused on the best of the best exercises that gives them the most bang!

So in that spirit  I’m gonna list the Top 10 Exercises that will get you Bigger , Stronger and Leaner.

1.) Best Over All for Chest Mass: Dumbbell Chest Press

2.) Best for Big Biceps: Barbell Curl

3.) Best Triceps Builder: Dips

4.) Best Overall Muscle Builder: Barbell Squat

5.) Best for Targeting the Legs: Front Squat

6.) Best for Developing Hams and Glutes: Stiff leg deadlift

7.) Best for Shoulder Development: Dumbell Overhead Press

8.) Best for building a Wide Back: Good Old-Fashion Chin Up!

9.) Best for Overall Stomach Development: The Crunch

10.) The Best Time for Cardio: After your workout or first thing in the morning on a Empty Stomach.

Bonus: Best Way to Get a Six Pack: SIMPLE… Use the exercises above in a structured workout in the the gym and eliminating ALL junk food from your diet!

So, next time  you go to the gym try, doing 2 sets of the all the above not so expendable exercises in your routine and you will leave feeling badass or like your ass just got kicked by the Expendables.


Talk Soon,

Trace Loft

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24 Comments "Get Badass Like The Expendables With These Exercises."

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